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Some Lyrics
par  divers
( 22 fĂ©vrier 2012 )

As Time Goes By

music and words by Herman Hupfeld, 1931

[This day and age we’re living in
Gives cause for apprehension
With speed and new invention
And things like fourth dimension.

Yet we get a trifle weary
With Mr. Einstein’s theory.
So we must get down to earth at times
Relax relieve the tension

And no matter what the progress
Or what may yet be proved
The simple facts of life are such
They cannot be removed.]

You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

And when two lovers woo
They still say, "I love you."
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Moonlight and love songs
Never out of date.
Hearts full of passion
Jealousy and hate.
Woman needs man
And man must have his mate
That no one can deny.

It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.
Oh yes, the world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.

There’s No Business Like Show Business

by Irving Berlin

The costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the props
The audience that lifts you when you’re down

The headaches, the heartaches, the backaches, the flops
The sheriff who escorts you out of town

The opening when your heart beats like a drum

The closing when the customers won’t come

There’s no business like show business
Like no business I know

Everything about it is appealing

Everything the traffic will allow

No where could you have that happy feeling

When you aren’t stealing that extra bow
There’s no people like show people
They smile when they are low

Yesterday they told you you would not go far

That night you opened and there you are

Next day on your dressing room they’ve hung a star

Let’s go on with the show

The cowboys, the wrestlers, the tumblers, the clowns
The roustabouts that move the show at dawn

The music, the spotlights, the people, the towns
Your baggage with the labels pasted on

The sawdust and the horses and the smell

The towel you’ve taken from the last hotel

There’s no business like show business
If you tell me it’s so
Traveling through the country is so thrilling
Standing out in front on opening nights
Smiling as you watch the benches filling
And see your billing up there in lights

There’s no people like show people
They smile when they are low
Even with a turkey that you know will fold
You may be stranded out in the cold
Still you wouldn’t trade it for a sack o’ gold
Let’s go on with the show
Let’s go on with the show !
The show !
The show !


by Michel Legrand / Alan and Marilyn Bergman, 1983


Tell me where
Where is it written
What is it I meant to be ?
That I can’t dare...
It all began the day I found..
That from my window I could only see
A piece of sky.
I stepped outside and looked around.
I never dreamed it was so wide
Or even half as high.
The time had come
(Papa, can you hear me ?)
To try my wings
(Papa, are you near me ?)
And even thought it seemed at any moment I could fall,
I felt the most,
(Papa, can you see me ?)
Amazing things,
(Can you understand me ?)
The things you can’t imagine
if you’ve never flown at all.
Though it’s safer to stay on the ground,
Sometimes where danger lies
There the sweetest of pleasures are found.
No matter where I go,
There’ll be memories that tug at my sleeve,
But there will also be
More to question, yet more to believe..
Oh tell me where ?
Where is the someone who will turn and look at me ?
And want to share
My ev’ry sweet-imagined possibility ?
The more I live - the more I learn.
The more I learn - the more I realize
The less I know.
Each step I take -
(Papa, I’ve a voice now !)Each page I turn -
(Papa, I’ve a choice now !)Each mile I travel only means
The more I have to go.
What’s wrong with wanting more ?
If you can fly - then soar !
With all there is - why settle for
just a piece of sky ?
Papa, I can hear you...
Papa, I can see you...
Papa, I can feel you...
Papa, watch me fly !


God, our merciful father,
I’m wrapped in a robe of light,
Clothed in your glory
That spreads its wings over my soul.
Maybe I be worthy

There’s not a morning I begin without
A thousand questions running through my mind,
That I don’t try to find the reason and the logic
In the world that God designed.
The reason why
a bird was given wings,
If not to fly and praise the sky
With every song it sings.
What’s right or wrong,
Where I belong
Within the scheme of things...
And why have eyes that see
And arms that reach
Unless you’re meant to know
There’s something more ?
If not to hunger for the meaning of it all,
Then tell me what a soul is for ?
Why have the wings
Unless you’re meant to fly ?
And tell me please, why have a mind
If not to question why ?
And tell me where-
Where is it written what it is
I’m meant to be, that I can’t dare
To have the chance to pick the fruit of every tree,
Or have my share of every sweet-imagined possibility ?
Just tell me where, tell me where ?
If I were only meant to tend the nest,
Then why does my imagination sail
Across the mountains and the seas,
Beyond the make-believe of any fairy tale ?
Why have the thirst if not to drink the wine ?
And what a waste to have a taste
Of things that can’t he mine ?
And tell me where, where is it written what it is
I’m meant to be, that I can’t dare-
To find the meanings in the mornings that I see,
Or have my share of every sweet-imagined possibility ?
Just tell me where- where is it written ?
Tell me where-
Or if it’s written anywhere ?


Oh God-our heavenly Father.
Oh, God-and my father
Who is also in heaven.
May the light of this
Flickering candle
Illuminate the night the way
Your spirit illuminates my soul.

Papa, can you hear me ?
Papa, can you see me ?
Papa can you find me in the night ?
Papa are you near me ?
Papa, can you hear me ?
Papa, can you help me not be frightened ?
Looking at the skies I seem to see
A million eyes which ones are yours ?
Where are you now that yesterday
Has waved goodbye
And closed its doors ?
The night is so much darker ;
The wind is so much colder ;
The world I see is so much bigger
Now that I’m alone.
Papa, please forgive me.
Try to understand me ;
Papa, don’t you know I had no choice ?
Can you hear me praying,
Anything I’m saying
Even though the night is filled with voices ?
I remember everything you taught me
Every book 1’ve ever read...
Can all the words in all the books
Help me to face what lies ahead ?
The trees are so much taller
And I feel so much smaller ;
The moon is twice as lonely
And the stars are half as bright...
Papa, how I love you...
Papa, how I need you.
Papa, how I miss you
Kissing me good night...


There are moments you remember all your life.
There are moments you wait for ans1 dream,
Of all your life.
This is one of those moments.
I will always remember this chair,
that window, the way the light streams in.
The clothes I’m wearing,
The words I’m heating,
The face I’m seeing,
The feeling I’m feeling,
The smell, the sounds, will be written
On my mind, will be written in my heart
As long as I live !
I can, travel the past and take what I need
To see me through the years
What my father learned and his
Father before him will be there
For my eyes and ears.
I can walk through the forests
Of the trees of knowledge
And listen to the lessons of the leaves.
I can enter rooms
Were there are rooms within rooms
Wrapped in the shawl that learning weaves.
I remember, Papa-everything you taught me
What you gave me, Papa-
Look at what it’s brought me
There are certain things that once you have
No man can take away-
No wave can wash away-
No wind can blow away-
And now they’re about to be mine !
No tide can turn away-
No fire can burn away-
No time can wear away...
I can open doors and take from the shelves
All the books I’ve longed to hold
I can ask all the questions,
The whys and the wheres
As the mysteries of life unfold
Like a link in a chain
From the past to the future
That joins me with the children yet to be,
I can now be a part
Of the ongoing stream,
That has always been a part of me !
There are certain things that once you have
No man can rake away-
No wave can wash away-
No wind can blow away-
No tide can turn away-
No fire can burn away-
No time can wear away-
And now they’re about to be mine !
There are moments you remember all your life.
There are moments you wait for
And dream, of all your life.
This is one of those moments !


No wonder he loves her,
No wonder at all.
The moment she sees him,
Her thought is to please him.
Before he even knows that he’s hunger
She’s already there with his plate.
Before his glass is even empty
She’s filling it up God forbid he should wait !
Before he has the chance to tell her
He’s chilly, she’ll go put a log on the fire
Fulfilling his every desire-
No trouble...No bother.
No wonder she’s pretty,
What else should she be
She hasn’t a worry,
And why should she worry
When she gets up her biggest decision
Is figuring out what to wear.
To pick a blouse, a skirt,
And then there’s the problem of what
Should she do with her hair.
And later as she stands and studies
A chicken, the question’s "to roast
Or to not roast"
Or better yet may be a pot roast ?
Tomatoes ? No... Potatoes ?
No wonder he likes it-
It’s perfect this way
Who wouldn’t want someone
Who fusses and flatters ?
Who makes you feel that you’re all that matters ?
Whose only aim in life is to serve you
And make you think she doesn’t deserve you ?
No wonder he loves her-
What else could he do ?
If I were a man, I would too !


No wonder she suits him,
She never disputes him.
The conversation’s not too exciting
But oh, what a change it must be !
To spend an evening where there’s
No conversation must be a relief after me
And though there’s nothing much
To challenge your mind here,
Who cares when the food’s so delicious
’Not to mention these beautiful dishes-
A matched set- from France yet
No wonder he loves her,
No wonder to me
With ribbons and laces
In all the right places,
I must admit it’s all very pleasant
And this is a comfortable room
And if he likes the smell of lilacs and roses
Then maybe he likes her perfume
And though her silky hair
And milky complexion are nice
Still they’re not that distracting
So what accounts for the way he’s been acting ?
Her softness ?
Her sweetness ?
How could he resist her
And why would he try ?
No wonder he wants her,
He needs her,
He loves her,
No wonder...
So would I !


She’s mother, she’s sister,
She’s lover.
She’s the wonder of wonders
No man can deny.
So why would he change her ?
She’s loving-she’s tender-
She’s woman-
So am I.


There’s no chill and yet I shiver
There’s no flame and yet I burn
I’m not sure what I’m afraid of
And yet I’m trembling
There’s no storm yet I hear thunder.
And I’m breathless, why I wonder ?
Weak one moment,
Then the next I’m fine.
I feel as if 1’m falling every time
I close my eyes
And flowing through my body
Is a river of surprise.
Feelings are awakening
I hardly’ recognize as mine !
What are all these new sensations ?
What’s the secret they reveal ?
I’m not sure I understand
But I like the way I feel.
Oh, why is it that every time
I close my eyes he’s there ?
The water shining on his skin,
The sunlight in his hair ?
And all the while I’m thinking things
That I can never share with him.
I’m a bundle of confusion
Yet it has a strange appeal.
Did it all begin with him,
And the way he makes me feel
I like the way he makes me feel...


Look at how he looks at her
Will someone ever I look at me that way-
Full of all the feelings and the soft
Unspoken words that lovers say ?
I thought that I knew ev’ry single
Look and sweet expression on his face,
Yet this is one that I don’t recognize,
Although I’ve sat and studied him for hours.
But now I see how love completely occupies
A pair of’ eyes...
See the way’ they gaze at her,
Like slaves they follow every where she goes.
Do my eyes forget themselves
And do I ever look at him
And smile in such a way
That what I’m feeling shows ?
Sometimes I have the feeling
Everybody knows...
And even though it’s crazy,
Still I can’t help wondering
If I’ll ever live to see the day
When by some miracle of miracles,
He’ll turn around
And look at me that way !


Look at how she looks at me,
I can never look at her that way...
Full of all the feelings and the soft
Unspoken words that lovers say...
In all the words, in all the books
I wish there were a way to say that
What she’s taught me
Isn’t written anywhere
And I’m supposed to be the one
Who’s wise...
One thing is certain,
I can never be what she
Expects of me...

I’ve wanted the shadows,
I don’t anymore.
No matter what happens,
I won’t anymore
I’ve run from the sunlight-
Afraid it saw too much.
The moon had the one light
I bathed in-
I walked in.
I held in my feelings
And closed every door.
No matter what happen.
I can’t anymore.
There’s someone who must hear
The words I’ve never spoken.
Tonight if he were here
My silence would be broken.
I need him to touch me-
To know the love that’s in my heart-
The same heart that tells me
To see myself-
To free myself-
To be myself at last !
For too many mornings
The curtains were drawn.
It’s time they were opened
To welcome the dawn.
A voice deep inside
Is getting stronger,
I can’t keep it quiet any longer.
No matter what happens,
It can’t be the same anymore...
I promise it won’t be the same
Anymore !